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While living in the ‘Venice of the North’ my team and I developed curriculum from investigating Vikings of the past to contemporary Swedish innovations in technology and society. We also hosted our own Nobel dinner event for the Dec. 10 Nobel Prize Ceremony by re-creating the Nobel Dinner menu from 1984 and electing our own Literary Laureates.


Let the dataset change your mindset.


– Hans Rosling

 In both Global Studies and Anthropology we created podcast discussions about contemporary Swedish society. The Swedish welfare state and field trips to gender-neutral pre-schools were among topics explored. Experts Hans Rosling and Professor Johan Rockstrom held enlightening talks with the TGS Community in Stockholm about world statistics and the realities of climate change.


On our expedition to the Arctic Circle students had an encounter with the Sami way of life. The Sami are Reindeer pastoralists who have lived in the northern territories of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Russia for centuries. We spent our days snowmobiling, dog-sledding and ice-fishing and the evenings stargazing from our Arctic camp until we finally saw the Aurora borealis, where we sang and danced with their enchanting visible glow.

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